FormConnect allows you to create your own custom forms for storing information on your iPad. Create patient records, customer contacts, expense reports, invoices, proposals, purchase orders, questionnaires, real estate listings and more. View some high-res screen-shots, watch some video demonstrations, or read our FAQ. Download it today!

Data collected on the form can be stored as a record and searched at a later date. The forms are unique in that they support the following:


  • Multiple Field Types – Choose from text, date, check box, drop down, radio buttons, signatures and notes.
  • Variable Field Lengths – Create fields with variable lengths.
  • Multiple Fields – Add a combination of different field types to the same row.
  • Field Arrangement – Move fields on the form to any location on the form.
  • Multi-Pages – Expand the number of fields on the form by adding additional pages.
  • Theme Selection – Select from multiple theme types (folders, clipboards, binders, etc.) to change the look of the form.
  • Signature Capture – Capture a customer’s signature using a stylus or finger and lock the signature from being changed at a later date.
  • Copy and paste – Copy fields anywhere on the form or onto a new page.
  • Clone a form – Replicate an existing form template.
  • Add a logo and photo import field


  • Enter data via a touch screen interface.
  • Take handwritten notes using a stylus or finger.
  • Capture signatures.
  • Search for records.
  • Navigate pages by swiping.
  • Navigate records via touch input.
  • Take pictures with the iPad’s built-in camera or import pictures from the photo library.
  • Date/time stamp your records.
  • Store data locally or in the cloud.


  • Tagging – Tag related records and view them in a single “binder”: eg: John Smith has three records across three different forms. Navigate to Tag view and then see all John Smith’s records in a single binder.
  • Multiple tags – tag a record using an unlimited number of tags
  • Records are grouped by Form and Tag


  • Data Sharing – Export one or more records into one of the following file formats: (FMC, PDF, CSV, XML, HTML).
  • Form Sharing – Share forms with other iPad users via email, DropBox and other network storage devices.

Learn more by watching our video demo and by reading our FAQ.


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