Key Features


Form Design

Create custom forms for data entry. Advanced features include the ability to create an unlimited number of forms, add various field types, adjust the field width and insert a company logo.


Share Forms

Once the form has been designed, it can be exported and shared with other users. Completed forms can be exported into multiple file formats including PDF, CSV, XML, HTML and FMC.


Signature Input

A signature can be entered directly onto the form using either a stylus or your finger. Once the signature has been collected, it can be locked permanently so that it cannot be altered.


Picture Capture

The iPad’s built-in camera allows you to capture images directly onto the form. Pictures are stored in the photo library and can be accessed at any time.


Image Annotation

Annotating on a form entails handwritten notes or sketching on top of an image. The image is imported onto the form and is considered a permanent component of the form template.


Record Tagging

Different forms can be linked together for easy viewing by assigning a tag name to each record. The tagged record will display a color tab indicating the form it is linked to


Field Calculation
(FormConnect Pro)

FormConnect Pro has the ability to add field calculations to your form. This gives you the ability to automatically generate an invoice. Product totals, labor costs and sales tax can now be tabulated.


Kiosk Mode
(FormConnect Pro)

Kiosk Mode hides the menu bar icons and only displays the Submit, Clear and Kiosk icons for data entry. A password is required to enter and exit this mode.


GPS Field Location
(FormConnect Pro)

Capture GPS latitude and longitude settings onto the form. The GPS settings can be displayed in one of three formats: Decimal Degrees; Degrees, minutes, seconds; and Degrees, decimal minutes.